It all started in 1992 and continued…

1992.  The owner started as a sole enterpreneur with 1 international truck.

1996.  The establishment of Egervári Trans Ltd. by this time the company owned 5 international trucks.

1999.  Purchase of the Timföldgyári road site.

2002.  Completion of the investment in modern workshop office social blocks on the site.

2006.  First stage of site expansion – purchase of 4000 square metres.

2013.  Warehouse construction with high technological equipment. Our warehouse is temperature-controlled and the temperature is constantly monitored.

2015.  Construction of a new office with archives, modern service facilities and a drivers’ rest area.

2017.  Second stage of site expansion, so the company now has 1.8 hectares of land at its disposal. A new parking area for trucks has been created.

2019.  Second phase of construction of an insulated warehouse building, making a total of 1200 square metres available.


No business without quality and safety.

By regularly analysing the current state of the transport market, we strive to ensure that we can always offer our customers the most optimal transit conditions. Our prices and the means and resources we use are based on specific needs.

The liability of Egervári Trans Kft. also extends to its subcontractors. We only partner with companies that fully meet our rda vape quality standards. To this end, we consciously formulate and document our requirements for subcontractors.

Our aim is to provide our services to our clients at the time and in the conditions they require. To this end, we develop our internal organisational practices, working methods and control systems. In order to achieve and maintain this standard, our company obtained the ISO 9002:1994 certification under the auspices of ÉMI-TÜV BAYERN Kft. in 1999.


Being green is good, every year we go a little further.

We are also constantly expanding and renewing our fleet, so that the average age of our vehicles is less than 3.5 years and they have modern EURO 6 environmental standards, which reduces our environmental impact.

We also commissioned our solar power plant in 2019. This means that https://www.brvapers.com/product/crave-plus-disposable-vape-1000-puffs-virginia-tobacco/ the 19.5 kWh Canadian Solar system with solar panels and a Fronius inverter provides 50% of our electricity from renewable sources.

THE Team


Ádám Egervári
Ádám Egervári
Logistics and warehouse manager
A new generation, a new approach.
Andrea Nagy
Andrea Nagy
Office Manager
For 25 years, she has been a conscientious manager of the office, a know-it-all.
Éva Trejer
Éva Trejer
Freight forwarder
She has got at her fingertips both the transport management and warehousing.
Mónika Hegyi
Mónika Hegyi
Transport Manager
She is Transport with a capital 'Transport'.
Tamás Egervári
Tamás Egervári
He is the owner, Managing Director and the driving force behind the company.


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